GlycoMark Updates for Healthcare Professionals Caring for Patients with Diabetes
Case Study - Type 2 Diabetes
In this issue of The MARK newsletter, we are pleased to present a clinical patient case study that describes the clinical use and impact of the GlycoMark test on a patient with Type 2 diabetes.
Submitting Physician:
Dr. Michael H. Shanik, MD, FACP, FACE
Endocrine Associates of Long Island
Smithtown, NY
Patient Case:
A 42 year old male with Type 2 diabetes. A1C levels were relatively stable, ranging from 6.0 to 6.8% over a 12-month period.
Current Treatment: Stable doses of metformin monotherapy
Lab work: A1C, 6.8%
Based on “moderate” glycemic control, ordered GlyoMark test (1,5-Anhydroglucitol, or 1,5-AG) to evaluate glycemic control for the prior two weeks.
Lab work: GlycoMark test, 8.6 µg/mL
GlycoMark Reference Range1
Result Interpretation
10 - 31 µg/mL* GlycoMark Normal
< 10 µg/mL* GlycoMark Abnormal
Interpretation: Low GlycoMark was indicative of elevated postprandial glucose levels.
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How to Order the GlycoMark Test:
The GlycoMark test is reimbursed by federal, state and private payers (CPT Code 84378) and available through various national and regional laboratories, and as a test kit for use on most automated chemistry instruments. Click Here for more information!
*Normal GlycoMark results are lower in females than in males.

1GlycoMark Test Product Package Insert, Revision G, 2017.

The Mark newsletter is distributed to healthcare professionals that treat and manage patients with diabetes, and contains the latest updates and important references for the GlycoMark test. This is a complimentary publication provided through the generous support of GlycoMark, Inc.

The information contained herein is not medical, diagnostic or treatment advice for any particular patient. Physicians should use their clinical judgment and experience when deciding how to diagnose and treat patients and in the use of the GlycoMark test in the treatment of the patient. Please refer to the GlycoMark product insert for more information.

The GlycoMark test is FDA cleared for professional use to provide quantitative measurement of 1,5-anhydroglucitol (1,5-AG) in serum or plasma. The GlycoMark test is intended for intermediate-term monitoring of glycemic control in patients with diabetes. It is not intended to be used to identify patients that will experience complications of diabetes or the likelihood of experiencing complications.

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