GlycoMark, Inc. Announces the GlycoMark® Test is Available Through a Nationwide Partnership with Bio Reference Laboratories

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Agreement Facilitates Greater Accessibility For Patients and Clinicians of Important Diabetes Test


New York, NY (October 17, 2015) – Glycomark, Inc., the United States commercialization channel for the Glycomark test, announced today that their assay for diabetes will be marketed nationwide through a partnership with BioReference Laboratories.

The Glycomark® test is a clinically proven, FDA cleared, non-fasting blood test that helps physicians identify uncontrolled, and therefore often hidden, hyperglycemia within a previous two week period. It can be used in addition to traditional blood glucose tests, like hemoglobin A1C, fructosamine, and fasting glucose, or independently to provide information about glycemic variability and hyperglycemic episodes other tests cannot.

BioReference is the third-largest full service clinical diagnostic laboratory in the United States, providing testing and related services to physician offices, clinics, hospitals, and other institutions.

“Glycomark, Inc is very excited to announce this new partnership with BioReference Laboratories. This will provide even broader access to the Glycomark test as well as the promise of affordable glycemic control monitoring for patients with diabetes and their physicians,” said Richard Upshaw, Vice President of Sales for Glycomark. “By pairing the Glycomark test with the traditional HbA1C test, physicians and patients have the comprehensive results necessary to help optimize management of diabetes.”

The GlycoMark test, a 1,5-anhydroglucitol biomarker, was originally discovered to be linked to diabetes in the 1970’s and since its discovery, over it has been described in more than 1,000 medical and research publications, and used in the care of patients with diabetes worldwide.


About GlycoMark, Inc.

GlycoMark, Inc. is a joint venture among Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. (New York, NY), Toyota Tsusho Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) and Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) and is dedicated to the discovery and commercialization of novel biomarkers for diabetes. Nippon Kayaku, Co., Ltd, a large pharmaceutical and biochemical manufacturer in Japan is the manufacturer of the GlycoMark test, Toyota Tsusho Corporation imports the GlycoMark test from Japan and provides the commercialization support for the product through GlycoMark, Inc.


About Bio Reference Laboratories

Bio-Reference Laboratories is one of the largest and fastest growing full service diagnostic laboratories in the world, providing clinical testing services to physician offices, clinics, hospitals, long term care facilities and employers while also advancing drug discovery and development with disease foundations, academic and pharmaceutical partners. Bio-Reference’s comprehensive testing capabilities and expertise spans molecular diagnostics, anatomical pathology, women’s health, oncology and rare disease genetics. Bio-Reference Laboratories, and its subsidiaries, has an international presence in more than 50 countries.



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