Understanding Results

Your GlycoMark score. And what it means to you.

The GlycoMark test measures the presence of the “good” glucose-like sugar 1,5-AG in your blood. The higher your blood glucose peaks, the lower the amount of 1,5-AG in your blood. And the lower your GlycoMark test value. With A1C, your score increases when your blood glucose increases. Your GlycoMark result actually decreases when your blood glucose spikes.

A higher GlycoMark score means better control.

Your GlycoMark score is more than a number. It’s a diagnostic tool that can change the way you and your doctor manage diabetes. The GlycoMark test indicates the presence of hyperglycemia that a three-month A1C average doesn’t reveal. The knowledge that only GlycoMark can provide helps shape a more complete and personalized approach to controlling health-threatening glycemic variability.

Learn more. Ask someone you trust.

Ask your doctor for more information about how the GlycoMark test score works and what it means. That discussion will give you a full and clear understanding of what GlycoMark can do for you.

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