Managing Your Diabetes

The GlycoMark Test
Why Managing Glucose Spikes is Critical

Glucose spikes and high blood sugar are toxic to your body. They can cause nerve and organ damage. They can make you feel weak and listless. They can affect your moods, slow the healing of wounds and infections, and lead to other complications. That’s why consistent glucose control—without major swings—is so important.The GlycoMark test adds to the picture of your glycemic health. It helps you and your doctor achieve consistent control of blood glucose levels. Better glycemic control can mean more energy, better overall health and reduced likelihood of serious long-term health problems related to diabetes.

Until now, there has been a gap between what you and your doctor have known about blood glucose peaks and what you should know to manage your diabetes. The GlycoMark test fills that gap. With confidence.

Hitting the mark. Holding the mark.

Today, for many people, better control of blood glucose is more than a possibility. It’s a reality. With proper therapy, diet and exercise, people with diabetes are leading healthier, more rewarding lives. The GlycoMark test is part of the difference.

With the GlycoMark test, your doctor can monitor your glucose more often than with A1C. You see your results in weeks, not months. And GlycoMark reveals important information about high glucose episodes – information you need for more effective, personalized diabetes management.

Ask your doctor about how the GlycoMark test can help you hit and hold your mark.

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