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The GlycoMark Test:
A simpler, smarter way to uncover hyperglycemia.

The GlycoMark test measures the 1,5-anhydroglucitol molecule in the blood, giving you a clinically proven one- to two-week measure of average daily maximum blood glucose. It can reveal recent hyperglycemia that may not be evident from A1C. And it can help measure and reinforce patient compliance with therapeutic protocols. Smart. Simple. GlycoMark.

Know more. Do more. With GlycoMark.

The clinically proven, FDA cleared GlycoMark test measures the 1,5-anhydroglucitol molecule in the blood, providing an accurate picture of recent glycemic variability that A1C, fasting glucose and other tests can’t. GlycoMark gives a more complete and current picture of your patient’s glycemic profile.


GlycoMark tells you what you don’t know now.

A sustained, effective strategy of blood glucose management incorporates complementary testing procedures. A1C is a long-term average. Fructosamine is an intermediate-term average. Fasting glucose is an immediate measure.The GlycoMark test is the only FDA-cleared blood test that is a specific indicator of recent hyperglycemia and glycemic variability.


GlycoMark reveals recent glycemic variability.

Glycemic variability is a challenge for diabetes management. Studies show that nearly 40% of patients who are considered to be in good control of their diabetes may suffer significant glucose fluctuations that don’t show up in an A1C average. By identifying more recent occurrences of glycemic variability, the GlycoMark test tells you what A1C cannot.